Our Approach

We want an idea meritocracy and require people to be extremely open, test each other’s models, code, and view discovering mistakes and weaknesses as an excellent attribute that leads to continuous improvement and innovation.

Our Story

We are idealistic and hands-on practical. While the number of machine learning, deep learning and AI whitepapers has dramatically risen since 2014, few, make significant contributions to society or have practical applications to business.

MachineLrn believes there are enough whitepapers and now is the time to move beyond academic theory and start transforming people’s lives with practical machine learning and deep learning solutions.

Meet the Team


Lloyd Clark

Founder & CEO

Led research to extend machine learning and deep learning techniques to the domain of Industrial Internet-of-Things, Medical, Cybersecurity, and Financial Markets. Engineered custom hardware and a machine learning framework in Python to support streaming distributed medical imaging models.


Coming Soon!

Chief AI Officer (CAO)



Senior Machine Learning Scientist