Custom Dev & Consulting

We can build you a custom Machine Learning solution either in the cloud or behind your firewall on off-the-shelf hardware. We have strong mathematical backgrounds and expertise in large-scale and GPU programming.

Computer Vision, Medical Imaging, and IIoT

We are experts in image processing and understand the general challenges with computer vision. We can guide you through the use of OpenCV, Deep Learning, how to observe underfitting/overfitting on the evaluation datasets, and how to rapidly prototype their associated hardware on varying platforms and form factors.

Hardware for Deep Learning

We are working on turnkey deep learning hardware to save time while prototyping customer models. Bottom line, with our hardware, your models will be trained faster, the feedback time will be shorter, and you will have end-to-end DL/ML pipelines sooner without a monthly hosting bill (secured behind your own firewall).


Fully managed ML workflows

We have fully managed machine learning/deep learning workflows. We will select the best frameworks, algorithms, and take training data completely off your plate!

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